Best Vegan Snacks

Best Vegan Snacks

Here at The Vegan Company we have a focused mission: "To showcase the best vegan products" and I am delighted we have found such a fantastic range of vegan snacks.

When I first turned vegan it was between meals that I struggled the most. I loved the cooking of meals each day, trying new flavours from an exciting recipe was the highlight of my day. In many ways it still is one of the most exciting aspects about being vegan.

However, it was between meals when I wanted a grab and go snack that was healthy and full of flavour that I found my options were limited. That is where I wanted The Vegan Company to step in.  A one stop place that would allow fellow vegans to find the very best vegan snacks, all of them bursting with flavour and created with a nutritional benefit at its heart. 

So what are the best vegan snacks? Well it is probably best for me to break them into two categories - Savoury Snacks and Snack Bars. 

Vegan Savoury Snacks

Searching for the best vegan savoury snacks has been one of the most rewarding aspects of launching The Vegan Company. The quality of the products we have been able to source have been truly superb!

For me as a lover of fruit it was essential that we showcased a range of fruit based savoury snacks and when I first tried Re-100 I was in vegan heaven. 



Re-100 produce a fantastic range of 100% air dried fruit and veg: Peaches, Apples, Carrots and Beetroot. The precision that has gone into their creation is truly spectacular and every effort was worthwhile. Crispy, healthy and delicious! 

The magic of turning fruit into moreish snacks does not exclusively live with Re-100 and there is no better example of this than the team at Purely. Purely take sustainably farmed sun-baked plantain from Ecuador and add no more than 3 ingredients to turn these into a vegan snack with the perfect crunch.



Coming in three fantastic flavours: Sea Salt, Nice & Spicy and Wild Garlic they were created with the aim of ending boring vegan snacks and they have certainly succeeded. A vegan snack being this delicious whilst being fantastically healthy was everything I wanted to find in my search for The Vegan Company.

Our search for the best vegan savoury snacks however is never ending and we are continuing to expand our range. Both the Boundless Nuts & Seeds range and The Happy Snack Company produce vegan snacks that meet our criteria of excellence so we are ecstatic to showcase them.




Boundless Nuts & Seeds are naturally healthy, go through an activation process to elevate the nutrition even further and come in four very bold flavours that all contain the signature crunch. 

The Happy Snack Company take roasted chickpeas and fava beans and add delicious classic flavour combinations such as Lime & Cracked Pepper, Red Pepper & Chilli and Sea Salt & Balsamic Vinegar, plus more on our website. Being low in calories and high in both protein & fibre these snacks really are the perfect everyday vegan snack.

Vegan Snack Bars

Personally as someone that is always busy and often trying to eat a between meal snack with one hand whilst multi-tasking I have always been a fan of a snack bar. Yet I wanted the ones we showcase at The Vegan Company to be much more versatile, it had to be healthy and so flavoursome that it warranted taking a break from other tasks to fully enjoy!

Thankfully Jennifer had the same passion for great snacking when she founded Love Vegan by Jennifer. The snack bars are one of the most popular products on The Vegan Company with good reason



Made with the highest quality natural ingredients with minimal amount of processing this vegan snack bar range is undoubtedly healthy. Yet proving that you can have goodness and taste, these bars come in a range of indulgent flavours such as Coconut, Ginger & Lime, Orange Cacao & Cashew and Rich Cacao & Morello Cherry
Plus if you are looking for a high protein vegan snack then look no further than Love Vegan High Protein Bars containing 9.2g of protein in every pack!! 
Through our search for the best vegan snack bars we have tasted many different flavours yet none left such a lasting positive impact and desire to try more as those from HIYA. These Indian Inspired snacks are all handmade, packed with seeds and come in 5 delicious flavours: Cardamon, Cinnamon, Fennel, Ginger and Cacao
If you love flavour then you will love Hiya! 
So where next?
Having launched in Jan '21 our search is far from over and we will continue to expand our range whilst sticking to our commitment to all our fellow vegans who visit The Vegan Company that we will find and showcase only the very best vegan products available. 

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