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Plantain Chips

Well, what can I say about Plantain Chips. These crispy, crunchy flavoursome little joys of pleasure are, in my opinion, one the nicest snacks on the vegan market. Packed full of flavour, nutritious and made perfectly to experience a sense of adventure in every bite.  


Snack on these at any time, whether you're out for a nice walk, cuddled up on the sofa or a mid-morning power snack to get your energy levels up until lunchtime. You’re guaranteed to want to stock up.


We started our Plantain range with these gorgeous little gems and have had to extend our quantity within the first 3 weeks due to high demand of customers wanting to buy Plantain Chips.


We Love Purely Plantain Chips


As we try and test every product that makes it onto our website, what a tough part of the job that is, I was delighted when these beautiful looking Chips tasted even better than they looked. 


Wild Garlic Plantain Chips - Absolutely bursting with bold, powerful flavour. One to make your taste buds want to experience it over and over again. 


Sea Salt Plantain Chips - Crunchy delight, sprinkled with flavoursome Sea Salt. Watch out, these are highly addictive. 


Nice and Spicy Plantain Chips - A warm celebration on your tongue, with a hint of spice which complements the chip oh so well. 


We Love Purely have set out to banish the boring and celebrate tasty, delicious, mind-blowing flavours, which are sourced from the vibrant culture of Ecuador. I think they have mastered this with ease. Did you know - They source their plantains from small farmers in a sustainable way and make them in Portoviejo. Their goal is to support the local economy and provide income for plantations.

We've recently expanded our Plantain chips range: 

Sankofa Plantain Chips: 


Spicy Sweet Chili - Winner of 'Fresh Discovery Award' these crunchy, flavour-some Plantain Chips take a mildly tangy, sweetness, reminiscent of ‘prawn cocktail’ which pairs with very little heat at the end.

Smoked Chili Beef - The flavour takes a specially selected smoked chili, and infuses it with the deep dark flavour of a roast beef. This flavour blend is paired with the ripe plantain chip for a smoky, spicy and pleasantly sweet taste.

Sweet Cinnamon - Inspiration for this is taken from North Africans’ love of cinnamon in their cooking paired with some pure cane sugar and dusted on some ripe plantain.

Chilli Tomato Gravy Chilli Tomato Gravy takes its flavour from Sankofa Snack's authentic tomato sauce, which is made from a blend of sun ripened tomatoes, sweet bell pepper chilis, onions and garlic. Paired with their green plantain chip, it makes for a perfectly sweet and savoury treat, that’ll have you coming back for more!

Sankofa Plantain Chips work to create evolving, yet authentic and nutritious, alternative snacks using the best quality ingredients from around the continent. Sankofa is an ancient Akan proverb meaning ‘go back and get it’. 


Once upon a time, Plantains were thought to be something you only ever heard of in exotic recipes. Now they have made a bold name for themselves and rightly so. Although a cousin of the banana they're much more versatile, while being jam packed with healthy nutrients including Potassium, Magnesium, Vitamin C, Antioxidants and Fibre. A winner all round! 


So, what is the difference between a Plantain and a Banana I hear you ask!


Well … unlike bananas, the Plantain are not naturally sweet and have a much thicker skin. The main difference between them though is the way they are used in the kitchen. We often dip banana in chocolate (guilty!) or pop them in a cake to give that extra bit of sweetness, whereas Plantain contains less sugar and are actually more similar to a vegetable, crazy considering they look almost identical. They are often used as a savoury dish or as we all know and love …. Beautiful Plantain Chips!

Dairy free, Palm oil free, Kosher and all natural, these beautiful Plantain Chips really do bring a revolution to Vegan snack time. The world is full of flavours, what are you waiting for?