Dirty Cow Chocolate

Dirty Cow Chocolate

If you haven't already tried these delicious, up and coming dairy free chocolate slabs then oh my you are in for a treat! Elevating chocolate to a sensorial experience that explores the edges of exciting and indulgent flavours. I can't recommend them enough!

Deliciously messy, generously indulgent and hand made with individual ingredients it's dunked, placed and sometimes thrown onto creamy chocolate. It sounds like a fun job, although I doubt there'd be any chocolate left if I was them! 

Customers absolutely love them, and so do we. Currently we have a variety of 12 Dirty Cow Chocolates on our website, here is a little on each one: 


Chunky Dunky - A customer favourite. Bourbon perfection.


Hail Mary Berry - All hail this beautifully presented fruity summer sensation. 


Salty Susan - The newest of our range. A seesaw of salt and savoury to turn your frown upside down. 


Cherry Pop - Once you cherry pop, you just can't stop. 


Cookies and Cream - Enjoy all the cookies, none of the cream. 


Brazillionaire - It's nutty and rich, but without the yacht. 


Pistachi Yo - When chocolate and pistachio nuts high five. 


Netflix and Chill - Get ready for a binge worthy blockbuster. 


Cinnamon Churros - Sugar, spice and all Spanish things nice. 


Honey Come Home - Come home to this timeless crunchy classic. 


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 Snap, Crackle, Shop - Breakfast for adults with a chocolate problem.


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Playne Jayne - A creamy classic without the fuss. Sweet but ... totally simple. 

Dirty Cow founders, who are a couple of boutique chocolatiers from London, are always experimenting in the kitchen to find new and exciting flavours, they released a yummy Christmas edition last year. What will their next invention be? I literally cannot wait to find out. 

They have a 4.71/5 rating on Cusrev with some of the reviews saying, 'The first vegan chocolate that isn't packed with sweeteners and artificial chemicals' and 'Amazing flavour and not just the toppings, the chocolate itself is tasty too, so much so that my husband who isn't vegan said it was his favourite chocolate bar' 

What makes them even better is all the cocoa is sourced from certified sustainable farming and their packaging is 100% recyclable. Not just a pretty face! 

Their chocolate has a cocoa percentage of 55% with the exception of two bars which contain 70%. What does that mean? In a nutshell (or should that be cocoa pod), the cocoa percentage figure refers to the actual amount of the chocolate made from the cocoa bean. So a dark chocolate bar with a cocoa content of 70%, means that 70% of the chocolate has been made from ingredients found purely in the cocoa bean.

Dirty Cow Chocolate adds a little fun and complements our dairy free chocolate range perfectly. Here's some more... 

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Prodigy - Creamy, but healthy. Bursting with vitamins and minerals. 

Wicked & Wonderful bars - One of the finest Madagascan dairy free chocolates you'll taste. 

Wicked & Wonderful Truffles - Winner of The Great Taste Award 2020, indulge in lavishly wicked depths of cocoa-rich dark vegan chocolate.

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