Prodigy Goes Plastic Negative

Prodigy Goes Plastic Negative

The following blog has been written by our good friends at Prodigy Snacks


At Prodigy, we are always on the lookout for how we can positively impact the health of our planet. And that is why we can’t wait to share our news with everyone that we’ve recently been certified Plastic Negative!


Staying as close to plastic-free as possible

Since our launch, we’ve been eager to play as big a part as possible in battling the global plastic pollution crisis. From the start, we’ve said no to those nasty plastic wrappers and yes to the plant-based cellulose alternatives, helping the planet one bar at a time! 


plastic negative

Going one step further

We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve recently partnered with rePurpose Global to fund them to remove and recover the equivalent of 10 chocolate bar wrappers of plastic waste for every bar we sell. 


Our bars are now certified Plastic Negative - so as well as not contributing to the plastic problem, we now also help clean up the damage caused by the big snack brands.


rePurpose Global Impact Project

Prodigy is supporting a rePurpose Global Impact Project in Indonesia.  A lot of plastic they are removing from the environment has little value, which means that recyclers aren’t interested in collecting it as it doesn’t bring them as much money.  

On top of this, waste plastic like this (e.g. chocolate bar wrappers and crisp packets) often ends up in rivers and oceans, including the few remaining pristine ocean ecosystems surrounding Indonesia!   Landfills also suffer, causing a large amount of pollution while impacting wildlife.  


Working together to make positive change

rePurpose Global’s Impact Project , enables the ethical collection and recovery of this plastic, paying the waste workers a fair wage and giving them employment opportunities. 

Our partnership with rePurpose also funds their emergency food provision campaigns, as well as healthcare initiatives, educational programs, and more. All of which support the wellbeing of vital waste worker communities.

In this way, waste workers are fairly compensated for their important work in diverting plastic waste that would otherwise pollute our natural world and helping tackle the current ecological crisis we face.

Their work also involves educating the local communities to improve the segregation of recyclable materials locally.


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Vegan Picnic Snacks

The sun is shining, summer is here! This can only mean one thing, Picnic time. Vegan picnic time of course! 

Some may think that leading a vegan lifestyle means we have to miss out on the fun stuff, think again! There are so many delicious vegan picnic ideas out there, from a range of smashed chickpea sandwiches, fresh summer salads and homemade vegan sausage rolls (a personal favourite, even non-vegan friends now request I do these every time!) Our choices are certainly not limited. 

We cannot forget a very important part of a picnic though and that is the snacks, in this department we have you covered. We have a truly fantastic range of savoury snacks, perfect for those all day picnics with a group of friends, a beautiful walk on a summers evening with your loved one or a family get to together on a sunny day. Here's some of our range: 


Plantain Chips: In our Purely range we have Wild Garlic, Sea Salt and Nice & Spicy and in our Sankofa range we have Spicy Sweet Chili, Smoked Chili Beef, Sweet Cinnamon, and Chilli Tomato Gravy. These crunchy plantain chips are a great alternative to standard crisps and can be enjoyed on their own or with your favourite fresh dips. 




Boundless Nuts & Seeds are healthy by nature and bold in flavour. They go perfectly well sprinkled over your summer salad or enjoyed just as they are. Our 90g share bags would go down a treat with friends or family looking for that flavoursome crunch. We have four flavours to choose from, although I recommend more than one, trust me you'll be back for more. Tumeric & Smoked Paprika, Cayenne & Rosemary, Orange, Ginger & Maple, and Tamari & Aleppo.

Happy Snacks are crispy, crunchy, nutritious and delicious! Another perfect addition to your summers day. Here we have Lime & Cracked Pepper, Lightly Salted, Red Pepper & Chilli, Sea Salt & Balsamic Vinegar. If you're picnic-ing with the kids then I'd highly recommend our: 



Happy Snacks Kids Roasted Fava Beans - Pizza Flavour or Happy Snacks Roasted Fava Beans - Lightly Salted.


There are many more mouth-watering summer snacks available on our website You will find snack bars handmade by Love Vegan By Jennifer. Indian inspired, natural, healthy bars handmade by Hiya. Delicious popcorn in many different flavours by Popcorn Shed and many, many more. 


Now you've found a place to buy your perfect picnic snacks there's only one thing left to do ... call your friends and family and arrange some summer fun. Enjoy! 

See our full range here



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Dairy Free Chocolate

What a time to be a vegan! Over the past few years vegan options have got bigger & better and they show no signs of slowing down. 

Everyone loves chocolate - some love that soft, creamy texture, for others it's that rich dark bold flavour, some dip it in their tea and some keep in the fridge (crazy I know) whether you like yours sprinkled with cinnamon or packed choc-a-block with nuts there is quickly becoming a delicious dairy free chocolate option to suit everyone. Woooo! 

Click here to see our chocolate range or continue reading to see what goes into making vegan chocolate.

So how do they make dairy free chocolate taste creamy and 'milky'? Well it's quite simple really, they take out the milk and replace it with products such as, soymilk powder, coconut milk/cream, or hemp seeds. There are other ingredients which work perfectly well, but these are some of my personal favourites.

"So what actually are these?" you might be asking. Let me explain:

Soy Milk - Also known as soya milk or soymilk, is a plant-based drink produced by soaking and grinding soybeans, boiling the mixture, and filtering out remaining particulates.

Coconut milk - is an opaque, milky-white liquid extracted from the grated pulp of mature coconuts. The opacity and rich taste of coconut milk are due to its high oil content, most of which is saturated fat.

Coconut cream - is much thicker and richer. It is made from simmering four parts shredded coconut in one part water. The cream that rises to the top of a can of coconut milk is also considered coconut cream.

Hemp Seeds - they have a mild, nutty flavour. Hemp milk is made from hulled hemp seeds, water, and sweetener.

True chocolate is naturally dairy free and dark, which in it's purest form, contains only two ingredients: 

Cacao - The beans are processed at low temperatures and are considered raw. Once milled into powder, it contains a much higher amount of enzymes, minerals, and nutrients.

Sugar - Added to balance out Cacao's naturally bitter taste. 

All the different percentages on dark chocolate packaging can have us feeling a little confused. Here is what it all means - The cocoa percentage figure refers to the actual amount of the chocolate made from the cocoa bean, such as cocoa butter (the fat portion of the bean), often added to make chocolate creamier.

So a dark chocolate bar with a cocoa content of 70%, means that 70% of the chocolate has been made from ingredients found purely in the cocoa bean. 55% will contain 55% of the ingredients found in the cocoa bean and so forth. 

For more information on our vegan chocolate range give our 'vegan chocolate' blog a little read or you can head straight over to our shop to find some incredible dairy free chocolate, including some of the rarest chocolate in the world! 


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5 Tips on becoming Vegan

The below is a guest blog from our friends at Boundless. They produce a fantastic range of nuts and seeds which come in four great flavour (click the names below to see more on each one):

Cayenne & Rosemary

Orange, Ginger & Maple

Tamari & Aleppo

Turmeric & Smoked Paprika

5 Tips on becoming Vegan

Tempted to try out a vegan diet, but not sure where to start? Interested in making little plant based changes in your life? Maybe you just need tips on where to find the best grass to eat? Boundless Activated Snacking is here to save the day!

Jokes aside, taking on such a lifestyle change can be pretty daunting, so we thought we’d put together some tips & tricks to make things that little bit easier. Without further ado, here are top 5 tips for going plant-powered! 

Tip 1) The P Word

We thought we’d start by mentioning the dreaded P-Word – protein. Contrary to common belief, it’s really not that hard to have a balanced diet as a vegan in 2021. It’s also pretty easy to fit protein into it, too. Here are a few of our fave options:

Tofu – raw tofu contains about 8 grams of protein per 100g, and can be found everywhere. The tip with this one is to really season it well – if you don’t, it can taste pretty bland. Think of this as a positive- its neutral taste means you can pretty much make it taste like anything. We love wok-frying tofu in a spicy stir fry or coating it with our activated nuts & seeds to make DIY veggie nuggets!

Tempeh – think of Tempeh as Tofu’s cousin: not quite as famous, but just as fab. It’s also a fermented product, so great for gut health! Per 100g you’re looking at almost 20g of protein – we’re on to a winner here.

Nuts & Seeds – Ok, so we couldn’t really not mention nuts & seeds could we?! Packed with protein, fatty acids, vitamins, minerals and fibre, there’s literally no reason not to be getting them into your diet. We love topping meals with our activated nuts & seeds for an extra crunch, adding them to granola for the nutritional benefits, or snacking on them solo. 

Tip 2)  Thank Goodness For Meal Prep

The easiest & fastest way to slip off the vegan wagon is by being unprepared – and meal prep’s your answer here. We’re not saying you have to spend all of Sunday over the hob, but by loosely planning what you’re going to eat that week you’re gonna save yourself time and hassle later down the line.

Or, if that really doesn’t float your boat & your prefer to cook up a storm on the day, why not make double the portion size? That way, you can Tupperware & freeze some of your culinary creations so that you’re never caught out. 

Tip 3) Bulk Buying

Overall, being vegan is pretty inexpensive. However, buying small bags of things like quinoa, pasta and rice on the weekly can hike up the cost. Bulk buying doesn’t have to apply to your entire shop, but picking certain “cupboard staple” items & buying them in larger quantities is a great way to reduce your overall spends.

But if you can budget to do so and have the room, aim to up the 500g bag of pasta to maybe 1-2 kg. Also, if you can, shop around! It doesn’t work for everyone, but visiting a few different stores for price comparisons helps to reduce costs even more PLUS discover even more vegan goodies on offer

Tip 4) Go… Accidentally Vegan?

This one shocked us too at first, but you might not have to give up all of your faves to go vegan. A fair few of household brands are either accidentally vegan (ie not containing any meat/ fish/ dairy products in their original recipes), or have swapped out ingredients to make their normal products vegan-friendly. Crafty, huh.

We love pages like AccidentallyVeganUK and VeganFood UK to find out what the latest in store listings are, and a simple Facebook search will find you sooo many vegan groups to join & steal recipes from.

Tip 5) Treat Yourself!

As we mentioned earlier, you’ll most likely find that being vegan is pretty cheap on the whole – especially if you’re going for a whole foods diet approach. Buying lots of fruits & veggies (fresh or frozen), as well as grains, should mean your food bill drops. What better time than to treat yourself?!

Now’s probably a better time than ever to go vegan, due to the complete range of snacks and dishes veganised. Finding alternatives to your faves is easier than ever in the supermarket aisle, and in the unlikely event you can’t find what you’re looking for in store, we can almost guarantee there’s a recipe for it online.

For all your Vegan Chocolate & Snack needs click here


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