5 Tips on becoming Vegan

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5 Tips on becoming Vegan

Tempted to try out a vegan diet, but not sure where to start? Interested in making little plant based changes in your life? Maybe you just need tips on where to find the best grass to eat? Boundless Activated Snacking is here to save the day!

Jokes aside, taking on such a lifestyle change can be pretty daunting, so we thought we’d put together some tips & tricks to make things that little bit easier. Without further ado, here are top 5 tips for going plant-powered! 

Tip 1) The P Word

We thought we’d start by mentioning the dreaded P-Word – protein. Contrary to common belief, it’s really not that hard to have a balanced diet as a vegan in 2021. It’s also pretty easy to fit protein into it, too. Here are a few of our fave options:

Tofu – raw tofu contains about 8 grams of protein per 100g, and can be found everywhere. The tip with this one is to really season it well – if you don’t, it can taste pretty bland. Think of this as a positive- its neutral taste means you can pretty much make it taste like anything. We love wok-frying tofu in a spicy stir fry or coating it with our activated nuts & seeds to make DIY veggie nuggets!

Tempeh – think of Tempeh as Tofu’s cousin: not quite as famous, but just as fab. It’s also a fermented product, so great for gut health! Per 100g you’re looking at almost 20g of protein – we’re on to a winner here.

Nuts & Seeds – Ok, so we couldn’t really not mention nuts & seeds could we?! Packed with protein, fatty acids, vitamins, minerals and fibre, there’s literally no reason not to be getting them into your diet. We love topping meals with our activated nuts & seeds for an extra crunch, adding them to granola for the nutritional benefits, or snacking on them solo. 

Tip 2)  Thank Goodness For Meal Prep

The easiest & fastest way to slip off the vegan wagon is by being unprepared – and meal prep’s your answer here. We’re not saying you have to spend all of Sunday over the hob, but by loosely planning what you’re going to eat that week you’re gonna save yourself time and hassle later down the line.

Or, if that really doesn’t float your boat & your prefer to cook up a storm on the day, why not make double the portion size? That way, you can Tupperware & freeze some of your culinary creations so that you’re never caught out. 

Tip 3) Bulk Buying

Overall, being vegan is pretty inexpensive. However, buying small bags of things like quinoa, pasta and rice on the weekly can hike up the cost. Bulk buying doesn’t have to apply to your entire shop, but picking certain “cupboard staple” items & buying them in larger quantities is a great way to reduce your overall spends.

But if you can budget to do so and have the room, aim to up the 500g bag of pasta to maybe 1-2 kg. Also, if you can, shop around! It doesn’t work for everyone, but visiting a few different stores for price comparisons helps to reduce costs even more PLUS discover even more vegan goodies on offer

Tip 4) Go… Accidentally Vegan?

This one shocked us too at first, but you might not have to give up all of your faves to go vegan. A fair few of household brands are either accidentally vegan (ie not containing any meat/ fish/ dairy products in their original recipes), or have swapped out ingredients to make their normal products vegan-friendly. Crafty, huh.

We love pages like AccidentallyVeganUK and VeganFood UK to find out what the latest in store listings are, and a simple Facebook search will find you sooo many vegan groups to join & steal recipes from.

Tip 5) Treat Yourself!

As we mentioned earlier, you’ll most likely find that being vegan is pretty cheap on the whole – especially if you’re going for a whole foods diet approach. Buying lots of fruits & veggies (fresh or frozen), as well as grains, should mean your food bill drops. What better time than to treat yourself?!

Now’s probably a better time than ever to go vegan, due to the complete range of snacks and dishes veganised. Finding alternatives to your faves is easier than ever in the supermarket aisle, and in the unlikely event you can’t find what you’re looking for in store, we can almost guarantee there’s a recipe for it online.

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