Vegan Picnic Snacks

The sun is shining, summer is here! This can only mean one thing, Picnic time. Vegan picnic time of course! 

Some may think that leading a vegan lifestyle means we have to miss out on the fun stuff, think again! There are so many delicious vegan picnic ideas out there, from a range of smashed chickpea sandwiches, fresh summer salads and homemade vegan sausage rolls (a personal favourite, even non-vegan friends now request I do these every time!) Our choices are certainly not limited. 

We cannot forget a very important part of a picnic though and that is the snacks, in this department we have you covered. We have a truly fantastic range of savoury snacks, perfect for those all day picnics with a group of friends, a beautiful walk on a summers evening with your loved one or a family get to together on a sunny day. Here's some of our range: 


Plantain Chips: In our Purely range we have Wild Garlic, Sea Salt and Nice & Spicy and in our Sankofa range we have Spicy Sweet Chili, Smoked Chili Beef, Sweet Cinnamon, and Chilli Tomato Gravy. These crunchy plantain chips are a great alternative to standard crisps and can be enjoyed on their own or with your favourite fresh dips. 




Boundless Nuts & Seeds are healthy by nature and bold in flavour. They go perfectly well sprinkled over your summer salad or enjoyed just as they are. Our 90g share bags would go down a treat with friends or family looking for that flavoursome crunch. We have four flavours to choose from, although I recommend more than one, trust me you'll be back for more. Tumeric & Smoked Paprika, Cayenne & Rosemary, Orange, Ginger & Maple, and Tamari & Aleppo.

Happy Snacks are crispy, crunchy, nutritious and delicious! Another perfect addition to your summers day. Here we have Lime & Cracked Pepper, Lightly Salted, Red Pepper & Chilli, Sea Salt & Balsamic Vinegar. If you're picnic-ing with the kids then I'd highly recommend our: 



Happy Snacks Kids Roasted Fava Beans - Pizza Flavour or Happy Snacks Roasted Fava Beans - Lightly Salted.


There are many more mouth-watering summer snacks available on our website You will find snack bars handmade by Love Vegan By Jennifer. Indian inspired, natural, healthy bars handmade by Hiya. Delicious popcorn in many different flavours by Popcorn Shed and many, many more. 


Now you've found a place to buy your perfect picnic snacks there's only one thing left to do ... call your friends and family and arrange some summer fun. Enjoy! 

See our full range here