The Best Vegan Chocolate

The Best Vegan Chocolates

The Best Vegan Chocolates

I remember the days when the only way of getting chocolate that was suitable for us was browsing the dark chocolate section in the supermarkets.

Thankfully we no longer have to miss out. Now some of the very best chocolate, of all types, are now suitable for the vegan and dairy free diets. 

We have searched and tried so many different brands and thankfully we are stocking the very best of them here at The Vegan Company.

The most pleasing of all is the best quality is undoubtedly found in small start up companies with vegan founders who appreciate the need for dairy-free chocolate! 

So here are some of the best vegan chocolate brands available in the UK:

Dirty Cow Chocolate

The Dirty Cow Chocolate range is by far the best looking vegan chocolate bar I have seen on the market. Most of the vegan chocolate bars are 55% cocoa, which give the bars a creamy chocolate flavour and they are partnered with a great selection of flavourings, from berries to cinnamon. My personal favourite is the Pistachi Yo! covered in pistachio that compliments the creamy vegan chocolate.

Click here to see the full Dirty Cow range

Conscious Chocolate

Conscious Chocolate are plastic free and their factory is 100% powered by renewable energy, conscious by name conscious by nature. The vegan chocolate they use is quite clearly high quality! They have a great range of products and my personal favourite has to be Orange & Tangerine, whoever decided to add tangerine to the product needs a payrise! It makes a subtle difference to other orange vegan chocolate but that difference is what makes it unique and stand out from the rest.

Click here to see our full Conscious Chocolate range

Raw Chocolate

Raw Chocolate is what it says it is, raw chocolate! Great tasting and great ethics, now that is a combination we like at The Vegan Company. The Raw Chocolate bars are smaller than most of our other ranges, which make them a perfect addition to your lunch box at work or an after meal snack. Salted Vanoffee Hazelnut is exquisite, a great variation on their original Vanoffee bar.

Click here to see our full Raw Chocolate range


Prodigy chocolate is the ultimate casual bar, the type of chocolate you pick up at the petrol station when waiting in the queue. They say “This is chocolate that changes everything. This is chocolate reborn” and Prodigy are spot on. This vegan chocolate bar finds the goldilocks zone between vegan chocolate and dairy chocolate. Definitely worth adding to your basket and giving them a try, you won’t regret it.

Click here to see full Prodigy range

Fellow Creatures

Our newest collection and to be honest probably our most mind blowing. The salted caramel choccy melts in your mouth like actual caramel when there is no visible caramel?! Still can’t get my head round it. They have some awesome flavours from Matcha to Creamy Hazelnut Chocolate, all 5 are great. I would highly recommend the taster pack as they will blow your mind.

Click here to see our full Fellow Creature Range


One of the rarest chocolate in the world. Firetree are serious about their chocolate and it is clear to see why, the chocolate is unlike any other chocolate. The taste notes that they have used to describe the bars really come through, this is the fine wine of the vegan chocolate world. Savour every moment that the chocolate is in your mouth and you won’t look back!

Click here to see our full Firetree Chocolate Range


Another relatively new addition to The Vegan Company. Ombar keep their cacao unroasted to preserve the heat sensitive polyphenols to make sure that the chocolate stays nutrient rich and full of flavour. They certainly succeed in doing so, the chocolate centres of Ombar are as amazing as they sound but my particular favourite is the coco almond, if you like coconut then you will absolutely love it. So sweet and creamy, melts in your mouth and truly full of flavour!


Click here to see our full Ombar range

We are super proud of our chocolate range, I am sure you will agree it quality products like these that will help continue the growth of veganism throughout the UK. I am sure you will love our range as much as we do. However, our search for the best vegan chocolates is never ending so if you know of any that we are not yet stocking please drop us a message at

In the meanwhile to see our full chocolate range Click Here

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