Vegan Marshmallows

Vegan Marshmallows

The same fluffy, light, squishy texture but without the gelatine. It's a no-brainer! 

If you're one those people that are worried the marshmallow won't look or taste the same, or won't toast beautifully over a campfire then fear not my friend - we have something special for you.  

We bring you: Vegan Marshmallows in two well-loved flavours and, wait for it, a Vegan Marshmallow Toasting Set! 

Strawberry Flavoured Vegan Marshmallows The combination of soft sweet fluffy marshmallow and the sassy strawberry really does give you a melt in the mouth feeling.

Vanilla Flavoured Vegan Marshmallows - Light as air with a velvety vanilla flavour that complements the mallows in a beautiful way. 

Our Vegan Marshmallow Toasting Set - The reactions of the beautiful marshmallow, whilst being lightly toasted, produces new fruity, nutty, and buttery flavours you can taste and smell on your toasted marshmallow. 

This vegan marshmallow toasting kit includes 1 box of strawberry vegan marshmallows and 1 box of vanilla vegan marshmallows, a marshmallow toaster burner, a set of eight bamboo skewers and a bespoke kraft gift box which features a printed guide on ‘how to toast the perfect marshmallow’. The flame will burn for two hours, after that you'll have to find other ways to keep the flame alight! 

(My partner and I treated ourselves this Valentine's day - I highly recommend) 

Click here to be taken straight to our Marshmallow range, or keep on reading for a bit of history on Marshmallows: 

A little bit on Marshmallows: 

Around 2,000 years ago, Marshmallows looked very different. In Ancient Egypt, Sap was extracted from the Mallow plant and mixed with nuts and honey. These proto-marshmallows were delicacies reserved for Pharaohs, Nobility and Gods. Besides being used for Marshmallows, the Sap of the Mallow plant is also used to soothe sore throats and as an anti-inflammatory. Of course, there's not a lot of Mallow in most modern Marshmallows, so you might have to eat the whole bag to reap the benefits - What a shame :)   

What can you do with a Vegan Marshmallow besides gently toasting them? Here are a few ideas you might want to try:

Vegan Chocolate Chip Marshmallow Cookies

Fudgy Marshmallow S'mores Brownies 

Sprinkle them onto some freshly made Vegan Hot Chocolate, or simply enjoy them as they are. There are no limits!