Vegan Sweets

Vegan Sweets

Who doesn't love that fizzy, mouth-watering feeling when you pop a sweet, or two, onto your tongue. It takes me straight back to being young and being given a pound from my parents then heading straight to the local sweet shop to stand in awe for half an hour picking out individual penny sweets and counting them as I went. 

That was of course before I was old enough to realise what actually went into making these sweets, I'm now very pleased to say vegan sweets taste just as delicious. 

Here at The Vegan Company we just love making our customers smile and bringing them back to their younger days, but luckily now without all the nasties. We have a great range of vegan sweets available, here's a little on each of them. 

Sono Vegano - meaning "I am Vegan" in Italian, which is a great match for The Vegan Company. They have cleverly thought of the environment, by using a glass jar as their packaging which can be re-used over and over again. They have produced three truly delicious flavours, which are: 

Fizzy Blue Raspberry Bottles - With a beautiful blue ice colour and the perfect amount of raspberry flavour, you'll find these very hard to share!

Fizzy Fruity Bears - These fizzy mouth watering sweets will send your taste buds into overdrive. Mouth tingling, tongue pleasing, these colourful fizzy bears look almost too cute to eat, maybe not!

Fizzy Cola Bottles - An absolute classic. A hit of soft, chewy, tangy and fizzy make the perfect combination, you won't want to put them down! 

Our other range of vegan sweets are by 'Sweet Lounge'. Their biggest focus is to create packaging that can easily be recycled, reused or composted. They care a lot about the environment and wanted the packaging and brand to reflect this. I think you'll easily agree their packaging is beautiful and sweets are fizzy-fantastic! Here are their products: 

Fizzy Fruity Bears - An assortment of different colours & fizzy fruity flavours.

Fizzy Blue Raspberry Bottles -  Raspberry flavoured jelly sweets, in the classic shape of a bottle.

Fruity Bears - An assortment of different colours and fruity flavours, without the fizz. 

Fizzy Strawberry Hearts - Cute and tasty. Give these as a gift to the one you love, or a loving treat for yourself.   

Fizzy Cola Bottles - The nations favourite! A zingy flavour with a soft gummy texture, in the shape of a cola bottle. 

We also have some truly tasty bitesize vegan fudge, also made by Sweet Lounge, which is very popular. 

  Vegan Coconut Ice Tiles - These moreish bitesize tiles are absolutely delicious with the perfect amount of coconut running through each tile.

  Vanilla Flavour Vegan Fudge - A truly indulgent dairy free snack. A real customer favourite! 


Meet our newest range of vegan sweets, Sugar Fix London. They started off via Deliveroo, delivering delicious sweets around South West London. Due to high demand they branched out beyond this and launched their online shop and boy are we happy they did, these fizzy delights are pure sweet heaven, oh and all in biodegradable packaging! 

 Sugar Fix - If you love a sugar fix then these are simple yet beautiful!

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